King’s Day in Amsterdam

The king’s day is a day widely celebrated in the Netherlands, a national holiday celebrating the birthday of King Willem Alexander the day is celebrated everywhere Holland with even small villages having the orange commission who organize the events that mark that particular day. Some of the significant events that mark this day include typical Dutch games and parades. The peak of this celebration is the capital of Amsterdam, over one million people gather in this city dressed in orange to sing drink and dance. On the eve of these celebrations hotels in Amsterdam are booked in advance you can make price comparison before the exact to see whether there are booking rooms left.

Previously these celebrations were celebrated as the Queens day on 30th of April every year but in the year 2014 king Willem Alexander took over the place of Queen Beatrix and currently Netherlands has a king as opposed to years before when the queen reigned. After taking over from the queen, King Alexander changed the day of the celebration to 27th April each year. The day was thus changed from Queens day to kings day as it is known today in Netherlands.

The party starts from the previous night- what is referred to the king’s night and extends to the exact day of the celebrations. The party kicks off with a lot of vibe with clubs ever busy with exclusive parties, a lot of free music in the streets and restaurants full packed with all types of native foods; you can never miss something to eat during these celebrations.

With a large flow of traffic, the celebration shuts down Amsterdam. Major shops are shut down; regular routes are disrupted means of transportation including cars, buses and trams are also blocked access to the city. However this does not mean that the city comes to a standstill to the opposite, in fact, the city is busier than any other day, the city is full of crowds of people in every part, street, and canals of the city.

Orange is the color of the day; people come out to the street to dressing in orange wigs, sunglasses, shirts, and crowns this is the so far the national color despite the fact that the orange color does not appear anywhere in the national flag of this marvelous country.

Both in Amsterdam and all the cities and villages in Netherlands the Kings day is known for its free open-air market here you will be spoiled for choices. People sell their unwanted goods in car boots ranging from toys, teapots, and CDs

Boat parties rock everywhere in Amsterdam, many people either take their boats or rent boats at a fee to take a ride in the canals of Amsterdam. The environment and the beautiful sceneries created are so beautiful to look at even if you may not have a chance to take part in the boat riding.

This is truly a unique festive; it is not only celebrated in Amsterdam if you are not getting used to crowds you can opt to participate in the upcountry celebrations. Don’t miss the vibe!


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